The Lightkeepers

The Lightkeepers
The Lightkeepers

This is for me at least a new composer, or one who I have not come across before. Pinar was born in Istanbul, and was encouraged by her father to embrace films and music. She has scored some 25 movies during the past five years or so and the LIGHTKEEPERS was on the short list for eligible soundtracks to be nominated for an Oscar. The LIGHTKEEPERS contains a delightful score, which is low key and intimate and radiates an atmosphere and feeling that is warm and pleasing but at the same time conveys a feeling of solitude and maybe loneliness? Light and delicate for the most part this is in a word a gratifying work. The score opens with a track entitled LOST LOVE that is performed by a variety of instrumentation, the strings taking the dominant role, enhanced and supported by woods and piano. The remainder of the score is orchestrated in a similar fashion, the composer introducing plaintive piano passages and heart wrenching solo violin at certain times. This is a soundtrack that is simple but effective, undemanding themes are the order of the day with rich melodic fundamentals embellishing and giving support to the movie but also managing to remain entertaining and above all interesting away from the images that they were intended to support. The music here is very reminiscent of the style of Rachel Portman or Debbie Wiseman, slightly Gaelic sounding in places with romantic properties that are poignant and haunting; it also conveys a touch of comedy within its themes, which is at times brief but noticeable and memorable. Track 13, SETH AND EMELINE, is for me one of the stand out cues, simply because of its simplicity and lightness it is a joy to listen to and I think the essence of the entire score comes over in this one particular track. Poignant, elegant, melodic and unforgettable. An outstanding score that is a must have for film music collectors.


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