Phase 7

Phase 7
Phase 7

The score for PHASE 7 is, in a word, atmospheric. It’s a soundtrack that has many components to it and has been written and produced impeccably by Argentinean born composer Guillermo Guareschi. It works on so many different levels and contains many musical colours and textures which. At each listen one discovers fresh themes, sounds and motifs. It is a delight and, due to the subject matter of the film, the score is largely atonal and dark. It also has elements which will delight and entertain any hardened film music connoisseur. I have no doubt that the score works wonderfully within the movie (alas I have not managed to see the movie as yet) but it also works as a soundtrack CD to savour. OK there are no lush romantic full blown themes but that doesn’t mean that the soundtrack is not inventive and original. Guareschi is obviously a composer who is prepared to take risks and loves to experiment with sounds and samples within his works. For example, within the score there are custom made samples which he prepared and he talks about these in the liner notes, i.e.; noises of a warm iron that has expelled steam at a mic, plus various loops that have been created from electric guitar feedback. These sounds and other such samples have been utilized in a most effective fashion and the composer has composed and produced an effectual and diverse score. Of course other instrumentation is put to use with guitars, cello, keyboards, bass and percussive sounds and drums being the core sounds. This is an ominous and dark sounding work but also a work that turns up a few surprises as in track 10 “No Life” which has a definite western sound about it – the composer employing guitar and slow, deliberate sounding martial percussion, enhanced by an eerie background. Track 3 “The Neighbour” is a cue which stands out and I returned to it a number of times simply because it was so haunting and posses an attractive overall sound – quirky, with an underlying unsettling atmosphere. PHASE 7 is a work of quality and worthy of recommendation.

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