The Celestine Phrophecy

The Celestine Phrophecy
The Celestine Phrophecy

Released in 2006 THE CELESTINE PHROPHECY was in many people’s eyes a less than good movie version of the marvellous book by James Redfield. The music for the movie was composed by Portuguese Maestro Nuno Malo. In my opinion Nuno Malo is one of film music’s most gifted younger generation composers, he has an abundant gift for melody and his music contains real emotional depth that I have found hard to discover in other composers works for the cinema or television. Many critics and collectors have compared his score for THE CELESTINE PHROPHECY to the romantic writing of James Horner and yes to a certain degree I would have to concur that there are little nuances of sounds and certain lines of orchestration that maybe could be mistaken for Horner’s work in movies such as FIELD OF DREAMS for example and to a certain extent COCOON, WILLOW and the heartrending romantic cues for KRULL. But my own opinion is that this is the eloquent and emotive musical workings of Nuno Malo who has created his own individual and highly attractive musical style. It is his musical fingerprint that has been placed upon this movie in a delicate and at the same time precise and sensitive fashion, Nuno has created a score that is positively brimming with rich and luxurious themes and complimented by wonderfully intricate and fragile sounding tone poems that are affecting and moving, it is a work that posses an aura and a sound that is luxuriously melodic ,magical and for the most part calming, restful and very near to being celestial at certain points within its running time.

We have Movie Score Media to thank for bringing us this highly emotional and haunting soundtrack, which has at its heart a lush sounding string section supported and punctuated by the utilization of solo guitar, gracefully placed piano, plaintive sounding woods and chorale interludes which are fused with ethnic sounding pipes and percussion and at certain stages of the score laced with a haunting earthy sounding female voice. To say that this is a score of much worth and oozes quality is an understatement, every cue and every note is painstakingly created with affection and much thoughtfulness as if the composer has reached into his inner soul and carefully extracted them and transferred them to manuscript. Malo intertwines strings with a faint dusting of harp and a sprinkling of piano and adds a whisper of woodwind to craft compositions that mesmerise and enthral, leaving the listener stunned at the sheer beauty and melodic magnificence of the music. I have to comment that this music needs no film, no images or even a story, because it is a work that stands alone as music that I am positive will be enjoyed, savoured and loved by anyone that has the good fortune to hear it. A track by track description is not need for this release, indeed I think I would find it hard to find the words to actually describe the feelings that this soundtrack conjures up, let us just say please buy it, if you do not you will be missing out on music that is rich, romantic and inspiring.


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