Benedetto Ghiglia.


Italian composer Benedetto Ghiglia was born on December 27, 1930 in Fiesole Italy. Information about this Italian Maestro has been very difficult to obtain as he has for most of his career avoided interviews and press releases. He came from a family that was very musically orientated, his Father was Oscar Ghiglia renowned and respected classical guitarist. Ghiglia began to score motion pictures during the early 1950,s his first soundtrack being for a documentary entitled DELTA PADANO. He then scored on another short documentary film entitled MADRIGALE D’ATTUNNO in 1954. The composers first foray into scoring an actual motion picture was in 1965 which was for the comedy LA BUGIARDA, directed by Luigi Comencini and starring Catherine Spaak.
During his career the composer has written scores for over thirty movies, these have been varied in genre but the Maestro has always produced original sounding works what ever the subject matter. Surprisingly he scored just five Euro/Italian westerns, but these were all key works within that genre. ADIOS GRINGO (1965),STARBLACK aka JOHNNY COLT and 4 DOLLARS OF REVENGE both in (1966) and A DOLLAR IN THE TEETH aka A STRANGER IN TOWN and EL ROJO both in (1967). Ghiglia had his own particular style when scoring westerns, the composer relied upon echoing and vibrant percussive elements within these scores and also created haunting and fairly simple themes which he fused together with Mexican sounding mariachis  to create supportive scores that served the movies well and were also entertaining away from the images. The composer worked steadily throughout the 1960,s 70,s and 80,s working on spy thrillers, robbery capers and adventure tales and scored his last movie in 1997, which was the documentary,
GALEAZZO CIANO UNA TRAGEDIA FASCISTA. But as the 1970,s dawned the composer did slow down his involvement with scoring movies and began to concentrate on his own particular work. Benedetto Ghiglia passed away on July 4th 2012, aged 89

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