Spaghetti western encyclopedia vol 4.


Volume four of this wonderful set begins with three tracks from two movies scored by Ennio Morricone. VAMOS A MATAR COMPANEROS and THEY CALL ME NOBODY, the latter being represented by its quirky sounding main theme, with the former opening with its equally quirky and almost manic sounding central theme and also being represented by the clumsy sounding “Il Pinguino”. Track 4 is from LOS AMIGOS or DEAF SMITH AND JOHNNY EARS (1973-CAM). Danielle Patucchi penned an entertaining score for this Franco Nero Anthony Quinn movie. This is the vocal version of the films theme and was used over the main credits, performed by Ann Collin who also provided the lyrics with vocal support coming from Il Cantori Moderni. Sound quality on this track is a little distorted because I think it came from vinyl source.

LE DUE FACCE DEL DOLLARO is next in the running order and we are treated to the really entertaining main theme from the score, which relies upon guitar, harmonica and percussion to establish itself before the string section becoming involved alongside choir, this is a well written and superbly orchestrated piece. Then comes Duello, and in the tradition of the spaghetti western it is the solo trumpet once again that has the lead in this an also extremely well constructed piece. Next up we have four cues taken from the ALLELUJA films, music is by the multi talented Stelvio Cipriani and I must admit I do count the scores from these movies amongst my favourites within the area of spaghetti western music. The first two cues are taken from TESTA T AMMAZZO CROCE SEI MORTO… MI CHIAMANO ALLELUJA (1971-CAM) and includes “Alleluja” and the infectious sounding “La Marcia Della Resurrezione” which has lyrics penned by Alessandro Alessandroni under the non de plume of G de Mutis, the vocals on the composition are performed by Il Cantori Moderni. These two tracks were originally released on a CAM 45 rpm single and the score was recently issued on a compact disc by Hillside CD productions, plus it was previously issued as part of a DVD set of the Alleluja movies by Koch in Germany and was made available for download by CAM. The second two selections are from the second Alleluja film IL WEST TI VA STRETTO AMICO… E ARRIVATO ALLELUJA (1972-CAM). All selections are certainly worth listening to and are important musical contributions to the spaghetti western genre. I think that this fourth disc in the collection is probably the most entertaining, simply because at the time of its release its track listing contained some of the most sought after spaghetti compositions in the form of Bruno Nicolai’s DEAD MEN RIDE and Lacerenza’s THE WRATH OF GOD. Plus it contains Ferrios theme for CALIFORNIA one of the last spaghetti westerns from 1977.

The spaghetti western encyclopedia, was and still is an important release, it charts the progress and development of the music from these often gimmicky but entertaining westerns that influenced so many filmmakers, actors and also composers.

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