Spara Gringo Spara.


Another Spaghetti western score from the late 1960s that has to be referred to as a classic example of Italian film scoring. The music is by the seasoned composer Sante Maria Romitelli, who provides us with a score that just bursts with energy and vibrant original musical content. It boasts a number of up tempo almost beat/pop tracks which are entertaining, foot tapping stuff. The score also includes a number of tracks that can be categorised as dramatic, symphonic and near operatic, like many scores for westerns which were produced in Italy during the 1960s and 1970s the soundtrack features performances on electric guitar, harpsichord, trumpet and organ, which are either as solo instruments or as a combination of all of these elements to create a score that is not only perfect for the movie it was written for, but also has the ability to stand alone away from the images and remain an entertaining and interesting work. SPARA GRINGO SPARA is a soundtrack that is made up of themes for the films principal characters. For example TEMA DI STARK (track number 7) is a powerhouse of a cue, it begins with an organ motif which is joined and eventually overwhelmed by strings and brass, this then leads into an electric guitar solo, backed up by organ and vibes, the track develops into a full blown version of the theme for Stark, which is carried along by the string section with organ and guitar making entrances along the way, certainly stirring and inspiring stuff. There are also a handful of compositions on the soundtrack that can be described as suspense cues, not really musical or thematic, but nevertheless go to make up an interesting part of this score. Another great release from the GDM/Hillside partnership, hopefully more CAM soundtracks will be issued on their label,as items such as BURY THEM DEEP, ONE MORE FOR HELL, and TO THE LAST DROP OF BLOOD, all by composer Nico Fidenco,have been a great success for the label and its owner/producer Lionel Woodman. They too have released a number of Italian western scores by composers such as Gianni Marchetti andRobby Poitevin which have been equally successful. The CD is packaged well, with striking art work and the sound quality is amazing. Well worth a listen, as I am confident that once in the CD player it may stay there for a while.


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