Berto Pisano.


Composer Berto Pisano, in my opinion belongs to the somewhat size-able list of Italian composers who worked prolifically in film but never attained the recognition that they truly deserved. Composers such as Pisano regularly scored movies that came out of Italy during the 1960,s thru to the 1980,s producing soundtracks of infectious and original sounding music that were often far superior to the films for which they were created. Pisano’s style was very much akin to that of his peers and fellow composers, Gianni Marchetti, Stelvio Cipriani and also Nico Fidenco who were also very productive and active during the same period.



The composer utilized a pop orientated or upbeat sounds for many of the movies that he worked on and fusing this style with a more dramatic sound and at times employing seductive, steamy jazz slanted melodies to create scores that not only enhanced and supported the movies well, but also worked on another level and became pieces of music in their own right away from the images that they were originally intended to underline. Pisano worked on numerous movie scores and in recent years has become a firm favourite amongst collectors of European film music, finally being appreciated for his originality as a composer and also for his ability as an orchestrator and arranger to create haunting and lasting melodies. DOVE VIZETTO for example contains a score that is typical Pisano, upbeat compositions lay the foundation for the work and these rhythmic and haunting themes dominate throughout, in fact when one listens to the soundtrack it is probably true to say it is more like listening to tracks from a compilation of easy listening music rather than a film score. But this does not take anything away from the quality of Pisano’s soundtrack, in fact it adds to its already high standard and also makes the listening experience a more enjoyable one. The score has a distinct sound to it and is written and orchestrated in a style that is more or less the essence of Italian film music from the period, haunting, entertaining, romantic, lyrical with touches of drama and mystery I think sums up Pisano’s music perfectly. Berto Pisano’s most note worthy credits include, KILL (1970), STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER (1975), PATRICK STILL LIVES (1979), MALABIMBA (1979) and BURIAL GROUND (1981) The composer collaborated with numerous artists and musicians during his career, Edda Dell Orso, Alessandro Alessandroni and Oscar Valdambrini amongst them.





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