I faintly remember seeing Geoff Zanelli’s name pop up on the closing credits of one of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films as an additional music contributor, but other than this I have to admit to being in the dark about his other film music credits. OUTLANDER is certainly a great introduction for me, fully symphonic with electronic support in places this is a powerhouse of a score that just oozes strength and presence. In many ways it can be compared with the likes of BEASTMASTER, CONAN and PATHFINDER as its musical attributes are very similar, expansive and pounding musical motifs and themes which are intermingled and entwined with softer more emotive and poignant interludes. Right from the offset one just senses that this is going to be something spectacular and after listening around about mid way through the anticipation of this being something special is certainly not dampened as it builds and builds as it progresses, the composers use of chorale support throughout is sparkling and at times almost unsettling in its style and placement, brass and strings have the upper hand throughout and combine to create some wonderfully exhilarating moments. A solo soprano voice is also utilised to great effect in a few of the cues, creating an almost celestial sound and atmosphere. The movie is maybe THE 13TH WARRIOR meets PREDATOR, a spacecraft crashes into the Nordic coast of long ago when Vikings held power, the traveler Kainan emerges from the wreckage, but he is not alone a fierce creature called a Moorwen also survives the crash and sets out to cause harm and havoc to almost everything in its path, Kainen joins forces with the Vikings to try and stop the creature. Zanelli’s score underlines and punctuates the action and storyline perfectly and is a pounding and commanding soundtrack to a movie filled with action, drama and emotion. The score is a striking and highly entertaining one, which makes one look forward eagerly to more from the pen of Geoff Zanelli. Recommended.


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