Isola_Degli_Uomini_FDS22This latest release from the industrious Fin De Siecle Media record label and is a gem of a score from Italian composer Luciano Michelini. THE ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN, tells the story of a group of prisoners and guards that are shipwrecked and end up on what they think is a deserted island. In true Jules Verne and H. G. Wells style they soon find out that they are not alone and come across a Captain Nemo type character who is attempting to bring treasures from the lost city of Atlantis to the surface, aided by the islanders some of whom have mutated into amphibians. The glamour in the movie is provided by Barbara Bach, who has her fair share of scenes coming out of the water in a short cut costume. The film was obviously not a massive box office success, but it was a film if not taken too seriously many ended up enjoying, the American release of the movie was screened under the title of SCREAMERS, and was brought over to the States by Roger Corman. Michelini’s score embraces many styles, and is to be honest a delight to listen to. There are dramatic influences in a number of the tracks, but also the composer utilizes romantically laced themes as in track number 13, COSA RESTA DELL’AMORE and an almost disco sounding style on track number 10, which is entitled PALUDE, he also makes use of electronic sounds which are interspersed within the orchestral composition in track number 11. The soundtrack is presented wonderfully by Fin De Siecle, a six page digi pack with great front cover art work, and stills from the movie reproduced inside.

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