This well-made and absorbing movie was released in 2005, and tells the story of three anthropologists who travel to equatorial Africa in search of the origins of man. Whilst there they capture two pygmies and return to Scotland with them. One of the anthropologists, a young physician Jamie Dodd, tries to convince the establishment that they are not mere specimens that should be treated like animals in a zoo but two intelligent human beings, but his views land him in trouble and he ends up being scorned by his peers and ostracized from the scientific community. The musical score for the movie was the work of Scottish-born composer Patrick Doyle. Of course many collectors are aware of Doyle because of his connections with actor and film maker Kenneth Branagh and his stirring scores for HENRY V and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING etc. Doyle has created an epic-sounding work for MAN TO MAN and also one that is vibrant and lyrical, with strong themes and emotive and dramatic musical levels. 
The compact disc opens with a near five minute suite from the score, where we hear just how lush and sumptuous Doyle’s music is in this suite containing the principal themes. The composer creates a powerful, proud, rich and striking overture that heralds the commencement of the disc and also tantalizes the listeners appetite and leaves them wanting more. Superbly orchestrated and meticulously composed this is a gem of a soundtrack and one that is so welcome for the simple reason that it is a score that almost never got a release. Thanks to Movie Score Media we can now delight in and absorb this magnificent music. Track two ‘Main Title and the Rapids’, begins quietly and is introduced by woods that are subtle, melodic and ethnic sounding. After this pensive introduction the composer brings percussion into the equation and this in turn is embellished by brass which has support from strings. The composition moves forward ad becomes more robust and dramatic as percussion is let loose and the brass and string sections combine to create a theme that radiates pure adventure and excitement. Track three, ‘Paying the  King’, is a noble and luxurious piece – again strings lead and are supported by the brass section in places – but in the main the strings carry this proud but short lived theme that oozes richness and dignity. 
This is a score that any collector would be pleased to own. It is Doyle at his best and I have to say one of the best soundtracks I have heard in a while. As with all Movie Score Media releases there is a synopsis of the movie, a short bio on the composer and also a brief but informative interview with the composer. I cannot recommend this enough.


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