Mean Guns.

Mean_guns_HWRCD008This came to me as something of a surprise. I had reviewed THE LAST BREATH and sent a copy of the review to both the composer Vincent Gillioz and the record company. It turned out that both were pleased with my observations on the score and the record company very kindly supplied me with review copies of some of their other soundtracks. MEAN GUNS was released around the same time as LAST BREATH so that is why it was the first disc I opened. The soundtrack is a nicely balanced mix of vocals and Hispanic sounding compositions which, for the majority of the time, are in the style of the great mambo king Perez Prado – the reason being that the musician was mentioned specifically in the script, so the composer decided that obviously there would be times within the score that Prado would feature. But what I like about this score is that Tony Riparetti has not only very cleverly infused his own original music with a sound and vitality evoking the style and presence of Prado but he has also composed music which, although in a similar style, is highly original as the composer merges both mambo/Latin colours and tones with dramatic and pulsating flourishes, thus creating a style all of his own which is haunting, original and innovative.
The entire CD including the songs is a great listen and as a hardened orchestral film music collector, that is saying something, because in most cases I skip songs and go straight for the instrumental section. However, this score was an exception. It intrigued and entertained me. When it comes to the original instrumental material which Riparetti composed I found myself tapping my feet or thinking “Can I hear Morricone” or “That would not be out of place in a spaghetti western” etc. Riparetti has penned an infectious and energetic soundtrack for what seems to be a modern day western – or at least a movie having a storyline which  takes some its direction from the western genre.


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