This superbly tongue in cheek and comical movie is boosted enormously by the even more tongue in cheek but at times adventurous and heroic sounding score that has been penned by composer Jody Jenkins. COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES, contains a riveting and powerful sounding soundtrack that makes many references to past scores for Zombie flicks as written and performed by the likes of Goblin, Fabio Frizzi but the composer elevates this type of scoring with some full blown symphonic sounds and adds a rich sounding choir that is supported by driving strings and snarling brass to create a robust and daunting sound that would not be out of place in any Hollywood blockbuster. The compact disc opens with HEROES, this is a fast paced cue that opens more or less at full throttle with the composer bringing into play guitar, strings and choir right from the outset, it is a powerful opening that stops suddenly to segue into a solo harmonica performance that itself then melts into a Spaghetti Western flavoured sound, with trumpet, guitar and choir being the main instrumentation, this then alters and goes upbeat once again, percussion laying down a background whilst choir brass and strings play out an exciting and blood rushing theme. The cue alters once more and moves into a more subdued style, the composer treating us to a melodic and haunting sound performed by the string section, electric guitar and supported by percussion enhanced by choir and a subtle use of brass.



Track number 2, MAIN TITLE, is again fuelled by chorale sounds and also strings which introduce the central theme from the movie performed on electric guitar which is embellished by percussion and choir. Track number 3, AHHH, A BABY ZOMBIE, commences with a slightly off kilter sounding rendition of twinkle twinkle little star, but this soon evaporates and gives way to a cue that is in the main made up from electronic sounds and stabs, the composer creating an atmospheric composition which for me conjures up memories of vintage horror movies, the sound I would say is uneasy and at times jumpy but at the same time contains a rhythm which keeps it moving and interesting as every so often the cue picks up pace but then reverts back into a somewhat low key atonal sound. The score is overall a delight and I have to say I did not find myself reaching for the forward button on the CD player at anytime whilst listening to it, the composer has created a soundtrack that not only works well within the context of the movie, but it also delights and entertains on its own as just music. Track 5, is one of my own personal favourites, ZOMBIES TAKE LONDON, contains so many styles and sounds, foreboding and atonal colours are fused with upbeat and high octane interludes performed by brass and swirling strings which lift and push forward the proceedings, choir too is again utilized to add an atmosphere of darkness to the composition and the composer again includes a smattering of electric guitar and a hint of harmonica within the cue.

COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES the movie will probably not be an Oscar winner, but it is an entertaining and hilarious take on the Zombie cult movie, Jody Jenkins score is however worthy of recognition as it contains so many musical colours and atmospheres and it will I know become a favourite amongst collectors of film music.The vibrant and varied soundtrack should be in every collection of quality movie music. Once again Movie Score Media have given the film music collecting community a gem of a score, that maybe ordinarily would not have seen a release and with track titles such as MENTAL MICKEY, ZIMMERFRAME CHASE how could it not appeal to all. Highly Recommended.

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