Released along with two other compilations by the composer this is yet another worthy and interesting compilation that showcases the film music of composer Chris Ridenhour. This particular collection concentrates upon the composers music utilized within sci-fi movies. As with the other two compilations released on movie score media the music is presented in the form of lengthy suites each suite including central themes and highlights from each of the respective scores. This I think is a great way to listen to a composers music and also a good way to appreciated it more and get acquainted with it. Once again the music is taken from movies that are produced by The Asylum Film Company and are either released straight to DVD or shown on the SYFI channel. The disc begins with SUPERNOVA, a 2009 production which is a disaster movie that deals with a scenario of a supernova in another galaxy omitting deadly radiation towards the earth and a plan that has been conceived by an astrophysicist to shield the earth from the destructive force. Ridenhour has fashioned a score that although mainly relies upon action music also contains some interesting and  large scale themes, it is a hard hitting score that fully takes advantage of the use of brass and choral sounds both of which work well together complimenting and supporting each other, the choral work I think, I am not entirely sure is synthetic or sampled but nevertheless effective, in fact at one point during the opening three minutes or so the sound achieved certainly has the resonance we would ordinarily associate with Danny Elfman, it’s kind of like NIGHT BREED fused with BEETLEJUICE. Or BATMAN incorporating DARKMAN, it’s what I suppose I would call an impish or evil sound that evokes an atmosphere and feeling of apprehension, urgency and impending catastrophe. In fact it can be likened to the sound achieved by Jo Lo Duca on the EVIL DEAD movies. The music is full on for most of the fifteen minute suites duration, the only real respite coming at the end of the suite in the cues SAVED and ECLIPSE, where the composer provides a calming interlude and a theme that relays a mood that is hopeful rather than critical bringing proceedings to a close. I would not say that this is an original work, but it is certainly one that is interesting and exhilarating to listen to. Track two, is from the 2009 release of PRINCESS OF MARS. This is a score that is full of set themes, in fact most of the composer’s soundtracks if you listen carefully are built on specific themes for characters etc, and he develops the score via these expanding and elevating them.

This again contains a number of action cues but I am of the opinion that maybe this is a little to busy to hi octane and very fraught, in fact it does at times become somewhat distracting and sends one reaching for the volume control. This said, the remainder of the suite contains some solid pieces which I am sure will delight many a collector. Also included on this compilation are suites from TRANSMORPHERS; FALL OF MAN, JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH and TERMINATORS. This is a collection worth investing in as are the other two Ridenhour compact discs on Movie Score Media.


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