Since hearing his score for INSOMNIA a while ago I have always found composer David Julyan an interesting and original music-smith. Hearing HEARTLESS, which is  another one of his works for film, has only reinforced my initial feeling and opinion of this talented and highly competent composer. HEARTLESS contains a score that is brooding and moody, which posses an underlying tense sound that is in a way uneasy but also somewhat subdued. There are also rudiments and interludes within the work that are emotive and intimate. The composer has written a soundtrack that is highly expressive and delicately touching – the music being focused and centred upon and around the film’s main character, underlining and punctuating his feelings and thoughts wholly, reflecting his solitude and his inner feelings. This is also a dark-sounding work in places and the composers utilization of electronic percussion is effective and original in its placing and performance, bringing a greater atmosphere and sense of urgency to the sequences within the movie where it is employed. I was particularly attracted to track nine ‘You’re Beautiful’, which is a restful and hauntingly beautiful composition where the composer creates a highly sensitive sound via the use of solo piano and a heartfelt solo violin performance supported by cello and subdued strings. The lilting violin at times reminded me of the gentle and tender violin solos created by Morricone in a number of his works – it is just a fleeting appearance but is a calming element within what is essentially a shadowy sounding work and a welcomed and soothing interlude. This is a score that may not be returned to all that often by purchasers, but in saying this I know that when they do return, it will be something that they will enjoy and will encourage them to discover more of the composer’s works. I recommend this soundtrack as it is not only an original sounding work but one that is enjoyable and interesting.


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