This Jess Franco erotic mystery was released in 1970, The story tells of two dancers who begin to have a relationship, this friendship begins to take a turn for the worse when both of them start to have nightmares in which they engage in killing people. Things begin to get out of hand when the fine line between reality and fantasy starts to become hard to define. The score by composer Bruno Nicolai, was never issued in an official form before, and this compact disc is the world premiere of Nicolai’s haunting and atmospheric work. Nicolai wrote a soundtrack that was very much in the category of experimental music for this movie, which gave great depth and an ambience of fear and to an already harrowing and realistically violent film. Nicolai,s score, is one that I would not say is easy to listen to, but at the same time it has an attraction about it, that one finds enticing. His use of organ, atonal sounding strings and solo violin, Spanish guitar and also an interesting utilisation of percussion is masterful, it certainly works well within the context of the movie, whether or not it stands alone as a musical work away fro the images is another matter, nevertheless, any self respecting Nicolai collector should not be without this release. It does actually show off the composers ability to be versatile, as he not only provides the soundtrack with atonal and largely un-melodic cues, but includes compositions that do have a certain melodious quality about them as in track number GIOSTRA which is one of the longest tracks on the CD running for just over 6 minutes. It has an almost fairground sound to it, or maybe the sound of a barrel organ, which is a complete contrast from the majority of the rest of the score. Track 9 INFRAROSSO is also somewhat different from the remainder of the score, and boasts a jazzy almost steamy sounding saxophone which is suitably accompanied by brushed and laid back sounding percussion which is supported and interspersed with jazz organ, that eventually takes on the principal theme of the cue. As I have said there is a great deal of atonal material present on this compact disc, but please do not let this deter you from buying it, this is a Nicolai score of distinction that although a little more complicated and complex than other works by this Maestro, will still please and be enjoyable, have no doubt of that. As always packaged wonderfully by Digitmovies.


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