RUBA AL PROSSIMO TUO.(a fine pair)


The best way to describe this  release from Digitmovies, is fantastic, wonderful, great just marvellous. A FINE PAIR which was released in 1968, starred Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale, the score was provided by Ennio Morricone, and up until recently the tapes for this were thought to be lost or destroyed, Morricone fans have often lamented over this score not being available, but thanks to GDM and also those lovely people at Digitmovies,(CF), here we have it and its been worth the wait. Ok, how can I describe the sound and style of this score? Right take a little snippet of WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS, a smidgen of LOVE CIRCLE, add to them a drop of DANGER DIABOLIK, sprinkle it with just a touch of FORZA G and stir in some bits and pieces of THE INFERNAL TRIO and MALAMONDO add to these elements of IL LADRONE and top it with some stunning vocal work by Edda and Alessandroni’s distinctive  IL CANTORI MODERNI, and there you have it a recipe for a mouth watering musical dish to be savoured by all. In my opinion the period from 1964 through to 1971 were most definitely Morricone’s Golden years, his compositions during this time just flowed with elegant ease from his ever industrious fingers, and A FINE FAIR is a prime example of Morricone on top form, addictive sambas fill the soundtrack, plus we are treated to a number of what I would call Hippy Chick sounding typical 60s lounge type tracks. A FINE PAIR is one of those scores that once heard will be returned to again and again, Tracks 5 and 7 are I think probably the most infectious sounding cues on the CD, on cue 5 a fairly up tempo backing track supports electric organ as it winds its way through playing a simple but catchy theme, and it is the simplicity of this music that makes it so attractive. Track 7 is in fact a slightly different take on one of the composers themes from MALAMONDO, but with a little extra added to it. It is a happy go lucky sounding score, well written and superbly orchestrated and performed. Sound quality is excellent and as always the presentation by Digitmovies is top notch, I urge you to go and get this one, if you do not you will miss out on a real treat.

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