Based on the 2003 novel by French author, Didier van Cauwelaert which was published under the title of OUT OF MY HEAD. UNKNOWN is an intriguing and interesting movie that has transferred well to the big screen from the novel. Directed Jaume Collet Serra, the film stars the ever watch-able Liam Neeson in the lead role of Dr Martin Harris. Who receives excellent support from, Aidan Quinn, Diane Kruger, January Jones, Bruno Ganz and Hollywood stalwart  Frank Langella. The story deals with identity theft but has numerous other sinister and dark connotations. As you can imagine it is a quite harrowing and vexing story and has more twists, turns and excitement than a roller-coaster ride, this atmosphere is underlined and further relayed within the tense sounding musical score by composers John Ottman and Alexander Rudd. The music conveys and emphasizes the central characters frustration at events that are tearing his life apart and also punctuates and highlights the urgency of matters as he attempts to convince people that what he is saying is the truth. The music is not a grand work, but it capably enhances the  proceedings that are unfolding upon the screen, the music remains rather low key throughout and very rarely bursts into full flight, but this I think is the sign of a composer or composers in this scenario, that are serving the movies requirements rather than attempting to get a catchy tune out of an assignment, and also do not swamp the picture with gratuitous, loud or needless music and that after all is the purpose of music in film. Track 7, EVIL CAR, however is a cue that is of the action variety and the music here is just that, action slanted, with strings and brass more or less striding forward and carrying the central body of the composition, edgy musical stabs supported by swirling strings play out a dark sounding sense of urgency that creates an atmosphere of undiluted tension and an overflowing ambiance of anxiety. This style of scoring is also present in track number 9, THE HOSPITAL, which builds tension upon tension with effective use of percussion and driving and relentless strings. This is a score of great worth, and with each cue comes an increase in its levels of intensity, but the more intense it becomes the more thrilling and entertaining it is.  Although UNKNOWN is not a melodious or in anyway tuneful for any length of time, it still remains attractive because of its sheer creativity and the composers ability to infuse the thrill factor into the music. It is sparse in places but this just adds to the works impact and overall atmosphere. Worth a listen…


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