tall_shipsRight from the off set this score for me re-kindles memories of Jerry Goldsmith, it has an intimate and romantic sound to it, but it also possesses a great sense and atmosphere of adventure. It is a melodic and enticing soundtrack and one that surprises and delights with every cue. The score is in no way complex, in fact it is a relatively simple work, which is certainly effective both in conjunction with the images it is intended to enhance and also as a stand alone work, this is rewarding and enriching listening experience for anyone who is lucky enough to be able to hear it. I am particularly attracted to the composer’s use of guitar within the score; it is delicately and strategically placed, creating some fine moments that are filled with emotion and poignancy as in track number 2, OUR PRECIOUS MOTHER EARTH. Composer David James Nielsen has created a score that is brimming with gallant themes and subtle tone poems that glide and flow along with ease and majesty. In many ways this for me personally evokes Goldsmiths, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM, the composers use of strings combined with woodwind and brass is breathtaking at times, as in track number 7, HEROES OF THE OCEAN. He also makes effective use of timpani and various percussion instrumentation which although can obviously be heard throughout the work are in no way overpowering, unless they are the main components of a particular cue as in track number 14, THE FORCES OF NATURE, where they act as the backbone of the composition, the composer using them as a foundation to build a stirring theme upon that is realised by strings combined with brass. One of the many highlights of the score is track number 15, TOUCHING THE SEA, this is a lilting and heartfelt theme performed by solo violin, underscored by strings and punctuated with guitar and harp all of which is enhanced by a Horner-esque sounding choir. This is in my opinion film music at its best, but it is also a compact disc that one could just insert into the player and sit back and listen to, allowing the proud, romantic, stately and playful compositions to swirl around you, wash over you and completely immerse you.

Again Movie Score Media must be congratulated for releasing this soundtrack, they are the champions of lesser known composers and also unfamiliar titles, but once a composer appears on this label, it soon becomes evident that they will no longer be unknown or unheard of anymore. Recommended