The movie got rave reviews and garnered a handful of BAFTA awards  including best actress and best original score by Chris Gunning.(well done Chris). The soundtrack Compact disc obviously contains a number of Edith Piaf vocals and also a handful of songs by other performers, the disc is actually set out in what is referred to as chapters, number one is dedicated to the Piaf vocals. Three is other performers and sandwiched in the middle is a really scrummy bit called the original score, Gunnings music is really the nice tasty filling sandwiched between the two vocal parts, not that I am saying the vocals are also not good because they are, obviously classics one and all. Gunnings score is delicate, poignant, magical and tear jerking, his use of piano and strings is stunning each complimenting and enhancing each other throughout. Its about time that Gunning was once again recognised for his musical skills and his ability to create touching and haunting melodies. He has certainly come a long way since POIROT and THE HANDS OF THE RIPPER, but even in those early works we could clearly hear the composers gift for a good tune. I think my favourite Gunning score has to be WILD AFRICA which was a TV series for the BBC about two years back. But LA VIE EN ROSE certainly equals that score and has all the assets and attributes of a well constructed, perfectly orchestrated and flawlessly performed soundtrack. There are 9 cues on the compact disc from Gunnings score, and I have no doubt that these tracks will be returned to many times by listeners because of their sheer emotive content, the final cue of the score section in particular DERNIERE NUIT shines out as being THE cue from the work, again Gunnings use of piano and strings is exemplary and spellbinding. This is a soundtrack that will I know become a firm favourite amongst collectors and also one that will maybe surprise and delight when first listened to. Recommended.

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