Released in 1972, SI PUO FARE MOLTO CON SETTE DONNE is I suppose fairly typical of many scores for Italian movies from this period. It has a good mixture of strong and vibrant themes which contain dramatic, romantic and jazz influenced styles, the haunting melodies are clearly linked to what has become categorized as lounge music maybe even easy listening, however this is a film score that contains many differing styles within its running time and the significant thing is that the music is the work of Franco De Gemini, many of us connect him with being just a performer, which is totally incorrect, for one Franco De Gemini was never Just a performer he was an excellent musician who was flawless and polished in every performance he created and second, Franco was a Maestro in his own right a composer and an arranger of great talent. The music for me evokes the sound that was achieved by Armando Trovajoli on his wonderful SEVEN GOLDEN MEN score, Hammond organ grooves along at a heady pace backed by electric guitar and choir with jaunty sounding percussion laying down an infectious backing track that is impossible not to get hooked on. Then there are two versions of a delightful song, one in English performed by Melody, and the other in Italian vocals courtesy of M.Michelangeli, COS’E AMORE or WHAT IS THIS LOVE is a pleasant little ditty, very easy going and at times put me in mind of the Bergman’s SUGAR IN THE RAIN from STILETTO.  We are also treated to instrumental versions of the song, which are performed in the main by the string section which is enhanced by light percussion and harpsichord flourishes supported by choir and punctuated by woodwind and not forgetting the masterful harmonica of De Gemini. Franco De Gemini has written a score that will certainly delight any connoisseur of Italian or Euro film scores as many of the musical trademarks from this genre of scores are present and are used more than effectively by De Gemini. I love the way in which he combines strings and harpsichord (shades of Morricone) and also the way he makes effective use of jazz compositions to create party moods and fast paced chase music complete with the distinct vocalising of Il Cantori Moderni, this I think is most prominent in track number 6, CHEOPS AND NEFERTITI. SI PUO FARE MOLTO CON 7 DONNE, was a fairly low budget crime caper with comedic and sexual undertones, the thriller made effective use of its Egyptian location and although maybe not the finest moment of Italian cinema was an entertaining romp. The soundtrack I am confident will be returned to many times after your first encounter with it, please check it out.




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