For a number of years now I have often wondered why composer Robby Poitevin, has not been mentioned a great deal within discussions about music in Spaghetti westerns, he has made a number of worthy contributions and these deserve to be issued on recordings for collectors to savour and enjoy. Thankfully Hillside CD productions have begun to put this oversight to rights. Last year they issued HIS NAME CRIED VENGEANCE which is an excellent score and later they released LITTLE RITA OF THE WEST the score minus the songs, which was also memorable stuff, now they have issued KILLER-CALIBRO 32, a western score from 1967 which in my opinion is even better. This score includes more of the musical trademarks that we associate with the Italian western genre; where as HIS NAME CRIED VENGEANCE was a more conventional sounding western soundtrack. KILLER-CALIBRO 32 contains, whistling courtesy of the one and only Alessandro Alessandroni, solo trumpet, the obligatory saloon piano tracks, plenty of highly charged action cues, a poignant and delicate sounding love theme, choir from Il Cantori Moderni, racing timpani, harpsichord, a great title song by Maurizio Graf and some pretty impressive electric guitar work. It is probably one of the composers best works for a spaghetti western, and has a sound and style to it that is very infectious. Again this is a limited edition of just 500 copies, so I would suggest that you invest in a copy as soon as you can. The sound quality is excellent and the CD cover and booklet includes some striking images from the movie. I am so pleased that Hillside are continuing their release programme and more or less concentrating on westerns, we are told that there are numerous more spaghetti western scores laying around in vaults in Italy I just hope that these too see the light of day very soon. KILLER-CALIBRO 32 is a must have CD.


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