Originally released on a BEAT records LP back in 1972, this delightful and at times complex sounding score is one of the many Italian soundtracks from that era which is sadly not that familiar to many collectors of Italian and European film music. Directed by Nello Rossati, and starring Eva Czemerys, Silvano Tranquilli and Antony Fontane LA  GATTA IN CALORE was an erotic thriller that was a sequel of sorts to Rossati’s directorial debut WIFE BY NIGHT (1971). The score by composer Gianfranco Plenzio, is a varied and pleasant one, and contains numerous cues which feature the distinctive vocalising of Edda Dell Orso. Plenzio began his musical career during the early 1960s and worked as a composer in his right as well as conducting scores for many of his fellow Italian Maestro’s such as Rustichelli and Micalizzi. He also collaborated with moralize on a number of scores ie; THEY CALL ME TRINITY and THE GUNMEN OF THE AVE MARIE, and given Micalizzi’s inexperience at this time in his career it is probably true to say that those two western scores contained more of Plenzio’s music than that of Micalizzi’s. IL GATTA IN CALORE is in my humble opinion a classic piece of film scoring, and this re-issue onto compact disc is long overdue. Edda’s mesmerizing and sexy vocals are obviously an instant attraction to any seasoned collector of Italian movie music, but Plenzio’s haunting melodies are exquisitely provocative and steamy in places, and are evocative of the style employed by Morricone, Nicolai and Piccioni etc during the late 1960s thru to the end of the 1970s. Female voice is accompanied by delicately placed strings which are in turn enhanced by a lightly stroked piano creating an atmosphere that is sensual but at the same time slightly tense. The re-mastering work carried out by BEAT is indeed impressive, as I seem to recall some slight distortion on a few of the LP cues, the sound for this release is wonderfully clear and crisp, the compact disc release also features 6 additional cues to that of the original release. Art work is attractive  sound quality is excellent so yet another worthy release from BEAT, and one that should be in every self respecting film music enthusiasts collection. Highly recommended.


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