Daniele Patucchi, is a composer that has at times been unjustly and sadly overlooked by both collectors, recording labels and filmmakers, his scores have not been made that widely available and the very few that have made it onto record or compact disc have always been interesting and certainly entertaining and original in their overall sound and content. For this particular assignment the composer seemed to be particularly inspired, and created a soundtrack that is filled with catchy and haunting compositions, add to these compositions the excellent and flawless vocalising of the first lady of Italian film music, Eda dell Orso and we have what is called a winning combination and a wonderful listening experience for anyone who has the good fortune to add this item to their collection. The movie which was released in 1971 is an erotic medieval romp which starred the ample talents of Sybil Danning, Heidy Bohlen and also German actor Raimund Harmstorf, LA PIU ALLEGRA STORIA DAL DECAMERONE or THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF SEIGFRIED as it was also titled has at its scores heart a lovely theme di amore for Sybil, Patucchi introducing this with harpsichord and harp at times and also expanded and elevating his musical ideas via the utilisation of Edda’s attractive and gentle vocalising accompanied by light use of percussion of strings, the work also contains a handful of other themes and musical motifs depicting characters and also situations that occur throughout the storyline, Patucchi’s subtle and at times low key music is not only a great accompaniment to the films images but stands away from the scenes and images to be an entertaining musical listening occurrence. Nicely packaged as always by Digitmovies, with good crisp sound quality, a must have CD.

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