Treno_per_durango_4129Another Western release from Hillside, UN TRENO PER DURANGO (A TRAIN FOR DURANGO) has music by the vintage Italian Maestro, Carlo Rustichelli, now for me Rustichelli and westerns just don’t gel that often, and on the rare occasions that the composer has produced a fairly good score for a spaghetti western it has been filled with either circus music that intrudes and makes the work laughable or clichéd and out of place, with cues that just don’t fit. Sorry to say this is no different, Rustichelli borrowing from his own past works in a few of the cues, and even reverting to a LONE RANGER type debacle for the scores central theme, by Lone ranger I do refer to William Tell rather than the John Barry effort which was  less than memorable as well. Racing snares accompany deliberate and clumsy sounding brass and strings in a composition that sends a shiver up the spine and will make any self respecting film music fan cringe. The Title theme however is pretty impressive as the composer employs a Mexican sounding chorus alongside a mariachis sounding composition which builds and builds in volume till it reaches its crescendo, in a number of ways this reminded me of the style that Maurice Jarre employed within his scores for westerns, i.e. VILLA RIDES and to an extent BEHOLD A PALE HORSE sadly this style and sound does not continue and Rustichelli’s score although containing some pleasant sounding passages declines and falls into a mish-mash of unpleasing, irritating and unworthy tracks. I am not sure if this is a comedy laced adventure or not, as Rustichelli does seem to try and score the movie is a somewhat comedic fashion in places. It grieves me to give Hillside’s  releases a less than glowing review, but I as a reviewer have to give you an honest opinion, and as a fan of music from spaghetti westerns I have to state that I am sorely disappointed with this particular release, I just hope that the next batch contain something that can be of some interest.


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