1241789307_una_magnum_special_per_tony_saitta Once again another interesting and totally absorbing release from the archives of the ever industrious BEAT records in Rome. BLAZING MAGNUM as it was entitled in the UK and the U.S. is a prime example of the meticulous and effective scoring talents of Maestro Armando Trovaioli. This funky and up beat soundtrack is I would say text book cop film score from this particular period in Italian film making history, large orchestral set pieces are underlined and supported by smaller slightly jazz or jazz funk orientated ensembles (wow wow electric guitar etc.) creating unique foot tapping and pulsating compositions that suit the action on screen perfectly whilst at the same time go to make up a highly listenable stand alone album. The music sweeps the listener along on a tide of fresh and vibrant sounds that certainly do not let up throughout the soundtracks running time, obviously as we are dealing with Trovaioli here there are some lighter more intimate, and slightly poignant and sensual sounding moments within the work as in the excellent and delightfully laid back LOUISE which conjures up thoughts of smoke filled bars and some less than reputable venues within a metropolis. UNA MAGNUM SPECIAL PER TONY SAITTA is an entertaining movie and Trovaioli’s score adds other dimensions to the story that unfolds, the Maestro skilfully underlines and enhances the tangled and intriguing storyline that as the movie progresses making an entertaining slice of Italian cinema a memorable one. Trovaioli’s jazzy and disco groovy sounding score being just one of the movies assets. Stylishly packaged and presented by BEAT with informative sleeve notes in Italian and English with eye arresting cover art and liner illustrations in the form of a mini poster and stills from the film. Recommended.


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