WHITE HOUSE DOWN, is one of the more recent action thrillers which have been in cinemas, the music is the work of Thomas Wander and  Harald Kloser  and for me is a truly enjoyable listening experience, although the score is most definitely an action infused one there are still broad and full sounding themes present throughout its running time, these themes act as the foundation of the soundtrack, the composers building upon these vibrant and strong thematic properties a score that is at times high octane and brimming with taught and tension filled musical passages.  Track number one, The Opening theme is a lengthy and proud sounding piece which sets the scene perfectly for many of the cues that are to follow, there is real melody present here almost anthem like at times but also it posses a sound that creates an atmosphere of melancholy and a feeling of warmth. The cue begins with a faraway sounding solo horn which evokes a feeling of solitude in the first instant, this is then joined and underlined by , a slow and low key string section, that provides a fairly unassuming introduction to the cue underlining a subtle use of woods and keyboard, the strings then become more prominent and move into the forefront of the composition being enhanced by further use of horns, woods again return, this time for a more prolonged period establishing the theme further, percussion is then added to the proceedings bolstering the brass and strings, the sound achieved here is at times highly reminiscent of the late Jerry Goldsmith in scores such as AIR FORCE ONE, but also has tinges of Hans Zimmer, which I suppose is not a bad combination. There is certainly a prevailing atmosphere present that radiates  proud ness or sense of duty etc. Composed for a large symphony orchestra that is supported by synthetics at times, this is an entertaining work, and I am pleased to say that although the movie is an all action film, the score is not merely an electronic barrage of sounds that blasts its way along with very little direction or point and assaults the listeners ear drums with a cacophony of jagged and unmusical sounds, which is sadly the case in many scores from this genre of film in recent years. This score has real substance, strong themes and also is entertaining as well. It is real edge of the seat musical material, but it’s tense and also adrenaline pumping cues are combined with plaintiff and haunting musical passages that bring us a soundtrack that is well worth checking out. and already has become something of a favourite of mine.