In a very short space of time Marco Frisina has established himself as a composer of a very high standard, this release further consolidates his standing as a composer of integrity, worth and also as a music smith who posses a gift for melody that is second to none. The score is full to overflowing with rich and highly emotive sounding musical themes, performed by what sounds like a full symphony orchestra, with the string section of that orchestra working overtime to create wonderful melodies and haunting tone poems that will live with the listener forever. It amazes me that so much quality music can be found within just one of this composer’s soundtracks, the orchestration, performance and construction of this music is without a doubt created with much dedication, love and aptitude. To describe the music on this compact disc is for me very difficult, because it is such an emotional and engrossing experience to sit and listen to it. The composer combines delicate sounding piano with lush and vibrant strings that are supported by deep and sorrowful sounding cello which are themselves enhanced by gracious sounding motifs performed on woods, and chorale work that just bowls the listener over. To try and name one cue as outstanding is so difficult as every single cue is a delight and a thrill to listen to, but tracks 9 and 10, DA UN PAESE LONTANO and SERVE DEI SERVI DI DIO respectively, certainly include some of the most awe inspiring, magnificent and heartrending music that I have heard in many a year. Let us suffice to say then, that PAPA GIOVANNI II, is probably one of the best scores to come out of Italy in the last decade, and Monsignor Frisina, is one of the most interesting and creative composers to emerge from that country since Ennio Morricone. My advice would be to go out and purchase this soundtrack, and whilst you are there doing so order everything that you can possibly get by this Maestro.

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