There are a few words I could use and will use to describe this particular score, hard edged, delicious, wonderful, uplifting and also beautiful. I am amazed it took a record company so long to release this onto CD. Luciano Michelini is in my humble opinion one of the most underrated composer to come out of Italy; he has been responsible for numerous soundtracks that are far superior to the movies for which they were written. ANNA, QUEL PARTICOLARE PIACERE is certainly no exception to that rule, the composer has created a virtual smorgasbord of themes that are dramatic, romantic, poignant and just down right entertaining and haunting. Edda Dell Orso is a welcomed participant on this score, her soaring and unique vocals creating a fantastic listening experience for any one who has the good fortune to own this compact disc. Originally issued on a RCA LP (RCA SP 8049) back in 1973, this theme fest of a soundtrack did not seem to interest collectors until after it was long deleted, and now with this expanded CD release collectors would be stupid not to snap it up, it is everything that an Italian film music collector could want for, a text book score that is brimming to overflowing with some of the best compositions I have been privileged enough to hear for a long while, strings, piano, woods and a big band sound on some cues all come together to form a well written, masterfully orchestrated and balanced work. At times Michelini’s score puts me in mind of some of Franco Micalizzi’s work for the cinema, its easy listening and also romantically laced but at the same time hard hitting, upbeat and funky, with lots of the trademarks that we associate with cop thrillers from Cinecitta. Edda’s voice performed in unison with strings on track number 6, “La Giostra Dei Pensieri” is in a word stunning, and I would buy the CD for this track alone. Recommended? Yes it certainly is. This is a limited edition, and has an availability of just 500, with no plans to re-press, so go get it.


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