Since the musical reins for Dr Who have been held by composer Murray Gold, I think I am right in saying that there has not been a wrong note put to manuscript. With each episode or special the music does not improve because how can you improve on something that is practically perfect in every way, (sorry wrong movie). Seriously though, the musical scores for the adventures of the Doctor just seem to get better on each outing. This special from Christmas 2010, is in my ever so humble opinion Gold’s best yet, it is not only eloquent, exciting and gloriously haunting, but a work that further establishes the composer as one of the best in the business and hopefully soon he will score a major blockbuster and take his rightful position as an A lister film music composer. The Disc opens with an impressive almost Barry-esque cue entitled COME ALONG POND, getting events off to a high octane and fast paced start. I describe it as Barry-Esque because of the composers use of horns and other brass in this particular cue, the sound achieved here could easily be mistaken for something out of any of the BOND movies, it is rhythmic, bombastic, up front and highly entertaining, creating a real sense and atmosphere of daring do and danger. Driving strings support the brass throughout and percussion is also utilised to add depth and power to the proceedings. Track 2, HALFWAY OUT OF THE DARK, is more of a down beat cue, its sound is almost unworldly at the offset, the composer employing chorale work that is at times reminiscent of Danny Elfman’s technique in scores such as EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS and maybe touching upon Alan Silvestri’s style of composition in THE ABYSS. After a short introduction however, the composition segues into a slightly melancholy sounding arrangement, performed by strings and also choir who execute in unison the main thematic property of the composition supported and embellished by subtle use of percussion and strategically placed brass flourishes that peak and ebb giving the piece a rich and proud sound that is luxurious and haunting. This is a score of great presence, of wistful and articulate themes, a score that is pure action, unadulterated romanticism, and a score that that sums up perfectly the ethos of DR WHO. Mysterious and adventurous at every turn, as in Tracks, BIG COLOUR, THE PLANET IS OURS and EVERYTHING HAS TO END SOMETIME. Poignant and enriching too, both of which can be heard in cues such as, the heartrending and emotive I CANT SAVE HER, the pleasing ABIGAIL’S SONG (SILENCE IS ALL YOU KNOW) performed by Welsh born Diva Katherine Jenkins, and the understated but striking MEMORIES. Plus it is at times unpredictable and surprising as in, SHARK RIDE and CHRISTMAS DINNER. The composer has taken relatively simple themes and orchestrated and arranged them to elevate and convert them into compositions that are inspiring and memorable. This is a compact disc for discerning collectors of film and television music and also one for those who love Dr Who and of course those of us who just love good music. Dr Who without Murray Gold is now something that is unthinkable, as the composer is not just the musical voice of the time lord but his very soul… Recommended. 

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