Angel Illarramendi is one of Spain’s foremost and well known composers of film music. He has worked on numerous film and television projects and given regular concerts of his music in in own homeland. The score for LOS BORGIA will I think be a delightful surprise for anyone who has not before savoured this composers wares. It is a soundtrack filled to overflowing with rich, romantic, stirring and also dark and foreboding melodies which are in many ways evocative of the music of the late Georges Delerue. The use of light and delicate woods enhanced by swelling and lush strings is certainly a trademark of Delerue and one which Illarramendi utilises to wonderful effect. His central themes are almost baroque sounding in places but at the same time he creates an effect of fullness and richness which I have not heard for many a year. This is a work filled with pastoral sounding themes that I know will do nothing but please listeners. There are a number of solo passages within the score as the composer hands his themes to violin and cello who each deliver stunning and memorable renditions of the compositions. Choir is also used within the score which again is effective. As well as the Delerue sounding pieces there are tracks present within the score that contain a flavour and style that is undoubtedly akin to the music of Polish composer Wojciech Kilar, dramatic, powerful and deliciously dark but with an underlying melody that is haunting. I recommend this release without reservation, and because of this release I was inspired to add even more of this composers music to my collection.


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