napoli_violenta_cdcr79More infectious,disco infused groove from the ever amazing vaults of BEAT records, this upbeat and funky sounding score from the pen of Franco Micalizzi is one that will be savoured and replayed by many a collector. NAPOLI VIOLENTA the soundtrack has never been issued before as an entire recording, and when one takes a listen to this score its hard to believe that no one thought to release it until now, it is a prime example of the buoyant and effervescent sound that many Italian composers employed to support and enhance these Police/thriller stories. Micalizzi seemed t be able to do this with consummate ease and is certainly a master of this type of scoring. The Maestro combines styles that are jazz driven alongside orchestral and instrumental cues which are both dramatic and romantic, add to this another dimension of styles that are at times almost disco orientated with a hint of the big band sound and there you have it, an unlikely mixture you may think, but a mix that works and one which is utilised to great effect within the movie. Plus it stands on its own away from the picture and remains just as hard hitting and entertaining. There are two vocals on the soundtrack one of which is performed courtesy of the Bulldogs, the group who also performed the songs for Fidenco on BLACK EMMANUELE, Track number 6 A MAN BEFORE YOUR TIME is a catchy little number that I am sure once heard will just go around in ones head for days. There is also a great vocal performance from singer RAOUL on track number 3 TIRA’A REZZA OJ PISCATORE, which was a very pleasant surprise. This is a soundtrack that any self respecting Italian film music connoisseur should have, so what are you waiting for. Get online and buy it.

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