Nathan Larson-filmmusik


A collection of themes, tracks and also vocals from various movies and television programmes as scored by composer/musician Nathan Larson. On first listen I must admit that the collection left me a little cold, I came away from it and instantly forgot it, I could not even hum or whistle a short piece of his music. So I suppose it was forgettable, but as I said that was after the first airing. I returned to the CD a little later and played it through again, resisting the temptation of skipping it on a few minutes etc. To my surprise I actually enjoyed listening to the varied and diverse styles and musical colours that were contained within it, it certainly is not a boring listening experience because one is not sure what type or style of music is coming next. It could be a solo guitar, electronic ensemble, a Japanese sounding violin solo, a gritty or soulful sounding vocal, or an orchestral cue, there is just so much crammed into this compilation. The music is not grand or overblown, but sparse and at times it sounds almost desolate, but this I think is the attraction to the composers work, painstakingly written, meticulously orchestrated and performed flawlessly. Nathan Larson, may not be the next John Barry, John Williams or Elmer Bernstein, but there is just something about his work that appeals to my ear at least, I think it says something about a composer when he is able to create the required atmosphere and relay emotions to the listener without having to utilise a 100 piece orchestra and a 50 voice choir, bashing out a massive epic theme, the music here is intimate, raw, full of character and ambience and certainly innovative and imaginative. The compilation includes music and songs from scores such as PROZAC NATION, BOYS DON’T CRY, TIGERLAND, DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, HIGH ART and THE WOODMAN. I recommend that you at least sneak a listen to this collection.


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