Yet another Franco Micalizzi score released onto CD, its about time that this great composer was better represented on disc. This fast paced mad cap romp is basically a follow on from the early Trinity movies the only difference is guns are replaced by martial arts and horses and wagons are replaced by cars and trucks etc. Doug (Bud Spencer) and Rosco (Terence Hill) find themselves being chased here and there, in fact everywhere by the Police after a number of situations that have occurred and escalated out of hand. After a while the duo are mistaken for agents connected with the CIA and are given an assignment which involves them infiltrating a dangerous organisation. Their job is to bring down the head of the organisation who is set on upsetting everyone and everything that is considered the norm. The pair embark on their mission and eventually emerge triumphant over the forces of evil. So a pretty madcap and chaotic plot with numerous fights, chases and more than the odd dangerous situation cropping up, but I suppose one should expect this sort of thing with Spencer and Hill involved. The equally quirky and fast paced musical score is a perfect match for the antics of Doug and Rosco and composer Micalizzi once again demonstrates his ability to feel at home within any genre of film. The compact disc begins with a vocal, IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT TROUBLE AGAIN is a pop orientated country track which is something that is not dissimilar to vocals that the De Angelis Bros might serve up on a soundtrack, it’s a catchy little ditty written and performed by A.D. Meakin. Track 2 SPIES AND GUYS for me anyway conjures up an aire of mystery and even maybe gives a gentle nod in the direction of James Bond music at its outset, but midway the mood and sound of the track changes and it segues into an up beat jolly sounding cue which is performed on sax that is accompanied and supported by tambourine drums and keyboards. Track three CARIBBEAN WOMEN is a easy going cue that conjures up the images of laying back in the sunshine watching the girls go by. Track 4 GO FOR IT THEME is the instrumental version of the opening song and bounds along with lots of energy the composer again creating an atmosphere of ease. FIGHTING AT THE BURGER BAR is up next and Micalizzi returns to an almost country and western sound for this composition, employing piano, guitar percussion and fiddles which are in true ho-down mood.
Track 6 is a version of the SPIES AND GUYS theme which we heard previously in track 2, this version however is slightly more hard nosed and up beat with more prominence given to electric guitar at the beginning, but again this 007 type start is overtaken by the less serious and jolly saxophone composition. Track 7 SHINING DAY is a delightful very laid back track, performed on keyboards with a medium paced percussion backing that is itself embellished by the use of layered strings, this is typical of the sound and style created by the composer on numerous movie scores and is one of the highlights of this particular soundtrack. As the compact disc progresses we are treated to differing versions of the central themes and it is a credit to Micalizzi that he manages to keep these fresh and interesting throughout. Track 14 is a reprise of the opening vocal but slightly shorter in duration. Again BEAT have packaged and presented the Disc impressively with eye arresting art work and informative notes, a great addition to their catalogue, so dare I say it GO FOR IT-GO GET IT.

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