Lots of quirky and infectious themes fill this soundtrack CD. The musical style of composer Franco Micalizzi is well suited to the comic capers of Hill and Spencer in this light comedy thriller. The opening track, WHATS GOING ON IN BRAZIL opens the proceedings with a South American electro sounding samba backing that enhances a pleasant and easy going vocal. The composer continues throughout the work in a very similar fashion, samba tempos and sounds are scattered throughout the score, these are at times funky and groovy sounding compositions and at other times even almost fairground sounding, as in track number 3 THE FLYING CAROUSEL. Micalizzi in my opinion is masterly at combining the light and almost easy listening sound with that of elements that are slightly harder and more dramatic and this score is no exception, the composer creates a soft almost relaxing atmosphere in many of the cues i.e.; track number 5 A GUY WITH IT’S PRETTY GIRLS. That brings together flute, guitar and laid back percussion complete with brushed and shimmering cymbals and little musical punctuations by choir. I would say that this cue is probably one of the highlights of the soundtrack, it is a sound that is not only typical and easily associated with the Italian film score but also a style that is certainly connected with Micalizzi as he utilises within many of his film scores. Track 6 is a jazz band version of the central theme, The DOUBLE TROUBLE theme is repeated five times within the compact disc’s running time, and each time Micalizzi presents it in a different style or arrangement, thus keeping it vibrant and bright each time it is heard in Track 8 for example we hear the theme in a samba arrangement. Plus there is a boss nova version and then an instrumental version of the title song. If you are looking for a score that is grandiose and full of dramatic content, I would have to say you are looking in the wrong place here, this is a fun and foot tapping work, that will have you either whistling or humming along to it as you play it, another good rhythmic and entertaining release from the BEAT vaults, and I am sure there are many many more to come.


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