Uccello_Dalle_Piume_Di_CrisDo we really need another version or an expanded definitive version of this soundtrack, well with something as musically original and iconic as Morricone’s BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE, I am going to have to say yes please and thanks to Cinevox we have it. The attractive packaging is enough to attract me alone, with its digi pack and accompanying booklet crammed with stills from the movie and also poster art work and absorbing notes by Claudio Fuiano and Daniel Winkler. But then we have the musical extras which have been included, these are a collectors dream come true and in Stereo for the first time, which makes the score sound even more eerie and threatening in places. The score for me anyway was and still is one of the composers most atmospheric and it also can be said that the soundtrack is probably one of his most accomplished from the period as he utilizes to great effect female voice and atonal sounding compositions and punctuates these with chilling sounding gasps and heavy breath effects creating a highly original and at times down right scary atmosphere, it is via these components and performances that the maestro manages to keep the work interesting, original and at the same time enticing and attractive. It can be said that this is a groundbreaking work from the composer, and one that enhanced and underlined the movies action perfectly, showing us the cinema going public just how important music was and still is in film. We are treated to the original album line up from tracks 1 through to 10, and if this were not enough, tracks 11 to 20 are all bonus material, granted much of the music in the bonus track section are repeats or different versions of the tracks from the album, but it is good to have all of this music available at last in stereo. THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE was a landmark score for the composer, and also one that attracted much attention at the time of the films release, I think that this re-issue will keep devotees of the composer happy and also attract new members to the already swelled ranks of Morricone fans. A highly recommended release, that not only contains extra music but also boasts some really eye arresting art work, both inside and out of the CD liner and much improved sound quality.


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