napoli-sparaAnother extremely good release from BEAT records, they continue to amaze me with all the music that they are making available from their obviously ample and comprehensive archive. Francesco de Masi is no stranger to any collector of film music Italian or otherwise, his scores have delighted and entertained for decades. De Masi was a composer that seemed to be happy when working on any genre of film, his western scores at times rivaled that of Morricone and his soundtracks for thrillers and police based shoot em ups were always hard hitting and powerful. NAPOLI SPARA is certainly no exception to that rule, it’s a jazz influenced highly dramatic and fast paced work, which has its fair share of big band sound influenced passages, but de Masi heightens and elevates these moments with the use of electric guitar, racing percussion and organ. As in the opening cue VIOLENT LIFE and also track 4 THE TRAIN ROBBERY. The score also contains a handful of lighter more romantically slanted cues, as in track number 12, A CAR FOR GENNARIO and the sexy and almost steamy sounding ELENA in track number 5. Dramatic and tense cues also are included and these make up the majority of the score, the composer orchestrating them cleverly to create an atmosphere of suspense and nervousness. The CD also contains a music cue by Guido and Maurizio de Angelis, A GANGSTERS STORY which was utilized originally within the score for LA POLIZIA INCRIMINA LA LEGGE ASSOLVE. I must admit it  was a surprise to hear this amongst all the De Masi music, but maybe the director used this as a temp track on the film and liked it so much kept it in ? There is also a traditional sounding Italian vocal SI PUTESSE CAGNARME “STU CORE”. Again collectors who purchase this soundtrack will not be disappointed, its certainly an entertaining release, and one that is packaged attractively in a digi pack format, with a great eye catching front cover, it also contains a booklet which is full of stills and overflowing with interesting notes by Flippo de Masi. One to add to the collection.


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