cdcr 87 cover

This series of movies were made in the same style as the Rambo films, and dealt with the same basic issues, a soldier returns home after fighting for his country to find that the attitudes of people are just the opposite of what he thinks they should be, they are not grateful for him risking his life but are resentful of his presence. De Masi,s scores are both vibrant and action packed affairs, but at the same time are both different, THUNDER is a fully symphonic work, and the composer relies on the more conventional instrumentation and approach for the first movie, but in THUNDER 3 he employs more electronic sounds etc, THUNDER is a powerhouse of a score, it contains numerous action cues, but also has its fair share of lighter, quieter and even romantically laced compositions. A varied and consistently good work that is a pleasure to listen to over and over again. De Masi makes excellent use of the talents of Franco De Gemini on harmonica, and his performance brings to the score a sense of intimacy. The grander moments within the THUNDER score are very much like the composers work on LONE WOLF Mc QUADE, fast paced and full of action but also tinged with romanticism and having  an almost melancholy sound to it. The theme for THUNDER is  a driving composition and is utilized throughout the work in numerous guises, at one stage De Masi adds a rock sounding fuzzy guitar to the proceedings which is very effective when combined with percussion and brass. This compact disc is a worthy addition to any film music collection, and both scores included will I know become firm favourites with collectors, THUNDER contains two previously unreleased cues, THUNDER GYMKANA and THE OLD INDIAN MAN which are tracks 15 and 16 respectively.  THUNDER was actually the first CD that BEAT ever released they have certainly progressed since then.  Art work is striking, and the release also contains notes in English and Italian. Check it out,


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