vintage_soundtrack_cd_cover1 To say that this is an exciting and popular score, is something of an understatement. I remember getting the original Varese LP and being impressed with the grand sound that Conti had achieved on this work. Then I saw the movie, which although was a nice piece of fun was not exactly a contender for best picture Oscar. Conti,s score is filled with tough sounding action cues and numerous fanfares and brass filled flourishes that do not fail to make an impact upon the listener, booming percussion and striking use of patriotic and flyaway strings combine to make this one of Conti,s most enjoyable soundtracks. The playing of the Graunke Orchestra of Munich is also an added bonus as they seem to just literally throw themselves into the spirit of things and belt out Conti,s magnificent musical ideas. This release not only contains the original LP version of the score, but also boasts the full soundtrack with some cues that were not utilized within the movie. The first track sets the stage for everything that is to follow perfectly, it prepares us for a powerhouse of a score that although is at times very STAR WARS and HOLST with a scattering of Bernstein in its construction, orchestration and overall sound is I think just different and interesting enough to be appealing to collectors of fine movie music. Conti is at times relentless with his driving compositions as in track 13 ITS THEM/CENTURION ATTACK on CD 1. Swirling strings and rasping brass to the fore this cue is full of energy and forceful motifs that move at a fast and unyielding pace creating the atmosphere of urgency and a sense of danger. I enjoyed re-visiting this score, and by having this work re-released it has rekindled my interest in Conti,s work, when I say re-kindled I don’t think my interest died maybe it was just resting. Within MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE one can hear snippets from other Conti, scores THE RIGHT STUFF for example and even little sections of THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN and NORTH AND SOUTH, Conti in majestic mood is an unstoppable force and an entertaining one too. CD 1 contains 19 cues from the original score, plus another 5 of these spill over onto CD 2, the second disc continuing with another 10 tracks taken from the original LP release, a stunning and highly enjoyable package of music FROM la la land records, with some great notes by Randall D Larson. Recommended.

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