In the October of 2006 Hillside CD production issued the full version of SPARA GRINGO SPARA, a little while afterwards in the early part of 2007 BEAT records released for the first time the excellent soundtrack to YETI,  what do these wonderful titles have in common, well yes you guessed it the composer Sante Maria Romitelli. A little while after these releases, FIN DE SIECLE records which is based in SWEDEN,or at least was because releases from this label seemed to have been put on hold for a while, which is a great shame. Anyway Fin de Siecle issued  another wonderful soundtrack by this underrated composer which was plucked form the dusty depths of the archives somewhere in Rome and restored it wonderfully giving us the Italian film music collector another gem to savour and relish. Romitelli’s score for this comedy romp is in a word entertaining, but then I would not just be able to leave it at that, it is an interesting and certainly original sounding work that I know will delight and amuse every collector who purchases it. The soundtrack fuses many styles which include jazz and a big band sounds that are intertwined with dramatic and romantic writing to create a varied yet balanced menu of sounds. The opening track is a perfect example of the many styles and types of music that are encompassed with Romitellis score, it begins with a fast paced almost madcap sounding composition performed by jazz flavoured brass backed by driving percussion and interspersed with shrill woods strategically placed along the way, the pace of this soon slows and we are treated to a jazzy sounding solo trumpet which is enhanced by the use of brushed drums and almost sleazy sounding electric guitar and a muted trumpet. It then returns to the original tempo of the cue the trumpet this time taking the lead so in the first 5 mins or so of the score one is hooked waiting for more of the same, but then the composers switches styles, tempos and surprises the listener at each cue, the second track being a more or less traditional sounding Italian or Sicilian sounding track, a jaunty little ditty performed by brass and woods in the main with piccolo taking on the lead at one point within the proceedings. Track three TEMA DI SCOTTY is an even bigger surprise, Romitelli creates a bagpipe sound with woods and brass with underlying drums which are played in a slightly martial manner. And then we are taken aback by the contents of track 4, YOU AND I. Wordless female vocals courtesy of the one and only true Diva of Italian film scores Edda Dell Orso, are delicately enhanced by the utilization of romantic strings, gracefully placed harpsichord and brass. Overall this is a delightful soundtrack, and a solid example of the work of Sante Maria Romitelli, who’s scores have always pleased but maybe have not been given a chance to entertain collectors by record labels up until now. Certainly one for the collection. Sound quality is very good, and the CD is packaged well with nice art work and informative notes.


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