…E poi lo chiamarono Il Magnifico-aka. MAN FROM THE EAST.


Originally released on LP in 1972, this is an expanded and complete version of the soundtrack and in my opinion has to be one of the best scores by the brothers De Angelis. Normally their music for westerns is something of an acquired taste, KEOMA and MANNAJA being prime example.  MAN FROM THE EAST, is i have to say slightly more diluted and more or less conforms with the norms of an Italian western score,if indeed there are any norms within this genre and its musical scores. The work contains some really lovely melodies that are orchestrated marvelously and contain a fusion of styles that cross over from Italian to Hollywood western,in other words it has in places a rawness that we associate with the Italian produced western,but it also has within its boundaries a sound that is more akin to the American produced movies that were so popular in the 1950,s and early 1960,s, They still however make effective use of that sort of bluesy slide guitar sound, but the string and wind arrangements are definitely more accomplished and broader than in many of their other works for the spaghetti western genre. I would say that this a slightly more sharp and melodious version of THEY STILL CALL ME TRINITY which of course is one of De Angelis landmark soundtracks. The score also contains some rather effective and well performed banjo interludes, as in cue six, ‘Arrivo In Treno’, and its title song  ‘Don’t Lose Control’ is an appealing composition which is performed on three occasions by vocalist Gene Roman, who has worked with the composers on many soundtracks.

The choral performances on the score are by Nora Orlandi, who again has been a close associate and collaborators of this composing duo on a number of soundtracks.  So all in all a worthwhile release, that I am sure will be returned to many times after the initial listen. Good sound quality also, which again is due to the work put in by Professor Roberto Zamori, nice cover art and full cast list and film credits are included inside the liner cover. Take a chance on this even if you have not exactly been over joyed with the De Angelis sound before and I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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