img22533281Originally released in 1964 on the CAM records label, this now classic Carlo Rustichelli soundtrack is an item that is long overdue for release onto compact disc. I CAVALIERI DELLA VENDETTA, AKA-(Riders of vengeance, Llanto por un bandido, La charge des rebelles, Les bandits or Weeping for a bandit) is filled to brimming with proud, patriotic and Hispanic musical references that are fused with an abundance of sweeping and epic sounding passages and highly dramatic interludes which at times have an almost martial air to them but also have an underlying atmosphere that is tragic in its make up. Rustichelli utilizes a grand symphony orchestra and makes effective use of strings, percussion and brass sections; he also laces the score with a number of romantic and passionate guitar solos and augments and punctuates certain cues with his now familiar sounding organ nuances and subdued trumpet solo’s. Like many of the Maestro’s works for the cinema this is a classically orientated score that is full of grandeur and fervour. The score has always been in what I refer to as my most played Italian film soundtracks and the original CAM LP record is still in my collection and I do not think even with the release of the score onto compact disc I will part with it. Thought by many at the time of its release to be an Italian western (thanks Michael Jones) it is like, MAN, PRIDE AND VENGEANCE (also scored by Rustichelli), set in Spain.



The story of I CAVALIERI DELLA VENDETTA takes place in the region of Spain called Andalusia during the 19th Century. Where Spanish patriots battle the forces of the French occupiers. Directed by Carlos Saura the movie starred Lino Ventura, Lea Massari and Fransico Rabal, plus a small part was also undertaken by French Filmmaker Luis Bunuel who was a friend of Saura’s. Rustichelli’s romantically led yet brooding and stirring soundtrack is a wonderful accompaniment to the action and drama that is being acted out on screen. Kronos records should be complimented on the high standard of this release, not only in the sound quality department but also in its presentation, which includes some impressive art work and stills from the movie. Plus there is the little matter of no less than 30 extra cues, the original long playing record contained 17 tracks this new edition of the soundtrack has 47. The other plus being this recording is in stereo, with a running time of just over an hour. If you are a fan of Rustichelli you will adore this score and if you are not familiar with his work? (1) WHY? And (2) This will convert you to his composing talents, a limited edition so hurry order it now… Recommended.


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