I have followed Marco Werba’s career as a film music composer closely and have always been more than pleased with the scores he has produced. In recent years his music seems to have gained a maturity and also a certain style, sound and energy has materialized that for me is always a delight. This is certainly true of one of the Maestro’s latest works INFLICTION, which is a dark psychological thriller. The composer has created a score that fit’s the movie like the proverbial glove, in many ways the style that the composer employs reminds me a little of the early style of Pino Donaggio when he scored movies such as DRESSED TO KILL and DON’T LOOK NOW, there is a darkness and foreboding present within the music that seems to engulf the listener, in fact I would go as far as to say that Werba’s music assumes an identity of its own that is not only supporting the characters and scenarios that are unfolding up on the screen, but it actual becomes a character in the story as well as a component of the film music process. The composer makes highly effective use of cello throughout the score and also adds strings and percussion to the mix to make this not only a chilling soundtrack but one that also strangely entertains and attracts, Werba also utilizes solo guitar within the score, which adds a certain warmth plus the composer employs a chiming or music box effect which is more prominent in track number 14,THE FIREPLACE, the cue is introduced by tense and nervous sounding strings which although are ominous and  dark in their sound are rather subdued and muted, the chiming effect begins at around the 1 minute 30 mark, and adds an atmosphere that is soothing, but the respite is short lived as the composer returns to a more unsettled and frantic pace with cello again taking the lead with support coming from strings, brass stabs and percussion that bring the cue to its conclusion. The chiming returns in track number 17, BABY PICTURE, but only as a brief introduction supported by sliding strings, these are then overwhelmed and replaced by a mournful and solemn sounding cello that is augmented by subtle use of strings which together create an atmosphere that is both sad and unsettling. The music to THE INFLICTION is a disturbing listen, filled with jumps and starts and a few surprises along the way, Werba’s use of voices within the work is sparse but effective as when they are used it takes one by surprise, one of the stand out cues within the score for me personally is track number 24,FINAL ESCAPE, not only is it the longest cue on the compact disc but it is also one that is brimming with thematic properties that range from romantically laced passages through to melancholy onto high drama and includes choral work that is stunning and affecting. Presented well by Kronos records,with notes from the films director and also the composer. This is a soundtrack that I would recommend you take a listen to. It has a multiple personalities  one moment being sweet and safe the next it becomes dark and threatening and also has tinges of sadness and uncertainty along the way,  You will love it.

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