It’s difficult at times to write a review of a score that has been released before, especially when it is by a major composer such as Jerry Goldsmith. INNERSPACE when originally released was a mixture of score and songs, the score being given precedence over the songs but still being an edited version of what we had heard in the actual movie. Which was a shame because Goldsmith’s soundtrack is probably one of his best from this particular period within his career. La-La Land have set the record straight with this expanded release of the score, the compact disc contains 28 tracks and has a lengthy running time of 1 hour and 17 minutes. Goldsmith’s exciting, exhilarating and highly appealing soundtrack is a joy to hear in its entirety with a blend of dramatic orchestral colours that are enhanced and embellished by the use of electronics, giving the symphonic elements of the work more power and dynamics. We experience vibrant and imaginative use of electronics or synths in the opening track, “The Main Titles” are 90 percent synthetic, Goldsmith employing some unworldly sounds that are underlined by threatening almost growling keyboard work, which finally gives way to a short lived flourish of romantic sounding strings that bring the cue to its conclusion. To go into detail about the music I think is probably a mistake as many of you have already experienced this work via the movie etc, I do however recommend this expanded version as it is a worthy addition to any collection, and stands as a testament to the artistry and style that was and still is Jerry Goldsmith. Packaged very well by La-La Land with extensive notes, track by track analysis and eye catching cover art.


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