The name of Nora Orlandi is synonymous with Italian film music, She is not only a gifted composer and arranger in her own right but also was responsible for providing many Italian soundtracks with their choral backing tracks along with her vocal group 4+4. She worked predominately with Guido and Maurizio de Angelis but has also at times worked with Stelvio Cipriani, Nico Fidenco, Robby Poitevin and Gianni Marchetti. Plus numerous other composers from Italy that have written for film, including Morricone. Her spaghetti western scores are every bit as infectious and original as her peers work in the genre and in fact the style and sound that she achieved was at times very similar to that of fellow composer Francesco De Masi,especially when a solo trumpet was utilized. This particular score is in my opinion one of her best works for cinema, the composer provides us with a highly listenable and varied collection of themes which at times can be likened to the works of Morricone in films such as LOVE CIRCLE and SEASON OF SENSES. Orlandi has written a work that is melodic and haunting but also contains dramatic undertones that are supported by a jazz orientated style,the composer using Hammond organ to great effect and at times employing harpsichord,electric guitar and solo female vocals to express an atmosphere that is steamy and sensuous. Released in 1970 THE STRANGE AFFAIR OF MRS WARHD, is a murder mystery with slasher tendencies.  This particular edition of the soundtrack was the first time that it was issued on any form of recording and Hexacord records in Italy should be congratulated on bringing this marvelous piece of easy listening/ lounge sounding exotica to the attention of soundtrack collectors. Since its release in 2001 it has been re-issued on other labels on vinyl as well as CD,but the original release in my opinion still remains the best. If I was to draw comparisons between this Orlandi score and other Italian soundtracks, I would say it certainly has affiliations with the aforementioned LOVE CIRCLE and also has some uncanny likeness to Nicolai’s THE INSATIABLES, this is the style and sound that Orlandi has achieved here, so not a bad thing, highly recommended,  it will blow you away…….


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