An ethereal mix of symphonic and synthetic music and musical sounds. This is a heart stopping and shocking work that sends shudders and messages of fear and panic to the listener, yet it is a double edged work and contains some beautifully touching and haunting themes at the same time. The composer John Murphy, fuses both styles with ease and in doing so creates a powerhouse of a score that employs so many musical elements that at times it is hard to take in what is playing and what instruments are conventional or synthesized. The Opening titles, are stunning, setting the stage perfectly, guitar plays a simple and repeated motif that is enhanced by the use of synthesized choir, strings and various eerie effects acting as a background and creating an atmospheric opening to the proceedings. THE CROSSING comes next, this is almost fully synthetic instrumentation from what I can make out, and is a tense and chilling composition, with a distinct atmosphere of dread infused. Track 3, THE POOL is the shortest cue on the compact disc, but is a breath of fresh air, sumptuous sounding strings play out a brief romantic theme, this is one of a handful of cues that are a respite within a sea of tension and madness. In fact tracks 3 through to 5 are very similar in this department, like the lull before the storm they act as a buffer between the listener and the shocking and almost manic sounds that are to follow, this is demonstrated in track, 4 THE HOUSE and track 5, THE BOATHOUSE, the latter being a particularly attractive piece, which begins with touching use of piano, this opening segues into something a little more substantial with the composer adding layered underlying strings to create an atmosphere of ease, this soon alters becoming an upbeat composition performed on a fuzzy sounding electric guitar backed by drums, then it returns to its beginnings and ends with low key piano. Much of the score, given the movies story line is of the dark and ominous variety, but saying this there is a sound to this work that is somewhat different to other horror soundtracks, it maintains an ambiance of dread and is at times shocking, but all the time there is something underneath all of the havoc and chaos that lifts it making it an interesting and rewarding listen. Check it out.

la la land records..


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