Born in Rome, composer Stefano Torossi began his musical studies by concentrating upon bass, he studied the instrument at the music conservatory in the Italian capital  and also continued his studies whilst in the United States. The composers musical career began as a performer and he would play in various groups during the 1960,s. Whilst doing this Torossi became interested in writing music for film and he started to compose scores for motion picture and also television projects. Although his output for cinema was not vast, he was responsible for recording a number of albums which were part of a music libraries catalogue and these were utilized by production companies and also directors and producers within a number of movies and documentaries. The composers first film score was for the 1964 Italian/Spanish co- production, I DUE MAFIOSI, which was a comedy directed by Giorgio Simonelli and had a screenplay by Sergio Corbucci. The movie was a vehicle for the actors, Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia and proved to be a mild success at the box office. Torossi worked steadily throughout the 1960,s and continued to score movies during the1970,s and 1980,s. He wrote the scores for thirteen motion pictures in total, the last of which OLTRE LA QUARTA DIMENSIONE  was released in 1996.  Torossi collaborated with a number of fellow Italian composers and performers, these included, Edda Dell Orso, Alessandro Alessandroni and Franco De Gemini. Torossi has a unique style of composition and his approach to scoring motion pictures consisted of a fusion of dramatic and romantic colours which he merged with jazz and also easy listening flavours, creating music that not only enhanced and supported the images on screen but also remained appealing as music in it’s own right away from those images, thus making Torossi an innovative, talented and fascinating Maestro. He excelled at orchestration and arranging and his work can be compared and likened to other composers such as Luis Bacalov, Piero Piccioni and to a degree Gianni Ferrio and Stelvio Cipriani.

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