R-1465010-1221750716Originally issued on a BEAT records LP back in 1973, this is one of the De Angelis brothers best scores in this reviewers humble opinion. It is a pulsating and up beat work that contains numerous musical textures and colours, its melodies and hard hitting themes being simple but effective and memorable. Out of all the scores that this musical composing duo have produced I would say that this is the one that stands out, there is just something about this work that is striking, it is a well composed soundtrack and also one that is performed with much energy. This is evident from the opening theme track number 2 on the disc, which is entitled THE LIFE OF A POLICEMAN. The composers employ a harsh sounding guitar which is supported by faraway sounding police sirens, choir, percussion, layered synth and organ. This compact disc includes 7 previously unreleased cues, and also an introduction from the films director Enzo G. Castellari. The score is a fusion of sounds and styles, which range from dramatic, blues and even some traditional Italian (SICILIAN) sounding compositions. All I can say is that this soundtrack is a credit to the De Angelis brothers, and although one can obviously hear that it is unmistakably their  work, it also has a sound and stature that is completely different from many of their other scores for film and television, no vocals on this score as in title song or end title vocal performance, which I think must be a first for the composers. One of the scores highlights is track number 4, TO THE SEA this is a part choral part guitar track, that could easily be mistaken for the work of either Nicolai or Travioli, the light and almost wistful track is a delight to listen to. I would recommend that you at least took a listen to this score, but I know once you have heard the opening bars of the theme you will not hesitate to add it your collection.

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