The 1970,s was a particularly productive and busy time for the De Angelis Brothers, they worked on numerous motion pictures and also dipped their toes into working on a handful of television projects. The composing duo worked on many varying genres of movies from comedy to westerns and also horror movies. Their style and sound is unmistakable and quite unique, and combines jazz styles with that of dramatic and also a somewhat folky aspect. Their style of music has often been criticized by collectors and critics alike, and at times it beggared belief the type of music one was hearing on a soundtrack when De Angelis were involved. The off beat approach that they adopted sometimes was surprising to say the least, but I suppose they created the desired effect because the majority of their work for the cinema is memorable, even if not for all the right reasons. The rather bizarre approach that they utilized is as I have already said instantly recognizable, and nowadays when watching the movies that they worked on and also listening to their scores again was a very effective and innovative way of using music in film. ROMA VIOLENTA is certainly no exception, it is somewhat off beat a little quirky and definitely bizarre and up beat in its style and performance. The score is an interesting one, and a perfect example of the De Angelis style working perfectly in the movie, and of course it works well away as a stand alone listening experience.


I suppose one could say that the De Angelis composing siblings were doing in Italy what Isaac Hayes, Johnny Pate, Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye were doing in the States at the same time on movies such as, SHAFT, SHAFT IN AFRICA, SUPERFLY and TROUBLE MAN, combining the dramatic aspect of scoring with a pop orientated jazz influenced musical fusion. ROMA VIOLENTA was scored with a very small line up of instruments, and the composers performed a number of these themselves, the soundtrack relies heavily upon the utilization of percussion, piano, harmonica, flute, keyboards and organ, with a sprinkling of choral work, it is a pulsating and vibrant tour de force which like another of their soundtracks LA POLIZIA INCRIMINA IN LEGGE ASSOLVE(also on BEAT). Is an essential and rewarding purchase, hopefully now some thirty years on collectors and critics will begin to appreciate the off beat, bizarre and somewhat quirky musical world that is The De Angelis Brothers. Worth a listen.


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