How do you review a classic, now that’s what I thought when I sat down to write this review. I have been lucky enough to have this soundtrack in my collection since way back in 1969 when I got the original CAM LP from Michael Jones in the arts theatre foyer. This I think is probably one of Nicolai’s best western scores, it is filled to overflowing with rhythmic and infectious themes, all done in a way that is instantly recognisable as the style and sound of Bruno Nicolai. The good thing about this release is firstly the amount of extra music included, a total of 16 tracks and an alternate version of the theme song performed by Tomas Milian, I know the CD does state that this version has not been issued on compact disc before, but it actually did appear on THE SPAGHETTI WESTERN ENCYCLOPEDIA VOL 3 track 13, this aside all the tracks are previously unreleased and are a joy to listen to, there is a whistling version of the central theme and various versions of this theme crop up during the compact disc’s running time, but they are arranged and orchestrated in such an excellent fashion that the listener will never tire of them. CAM did re-issue the soundtrack on CD back in 1991 but this was just a straight re-issue of the LP, so this Digit Movies version is for me very welcome and is obviously the definitive edition of the score. For anyone not familiar with this soundtrack, I urge you go and buy it straight away, it looks as if it will be very scarce anyway as Digit movies informed us that they had sold out of the title after just 9 days of it being available, it is at the moment being re-pressed how many are being done I do not know, but it will like the original LP be something of a rarity. As well as the central theme from the score stand out cues include TEMA DOLORES, DUELLO and AMERICANA but the entire soundtrack is certainly a classic piece of Italian film music history. I am confident that collectors of Italian soundtracks will be in raptures when they put this disc in the player, and I am also sure that it will be a disc that stays in the player for a long while. The sound quality is amazing, and once again Digit Movies provide us with eye arresting art work and informative liner notes. Be quick on this one guys, you will be sorry if you miss out….

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