To celebrate 40 years in the music business, BEAT records released this special edition of the Francesco De Masi score from the spy caper COLPO MAESTRO AL SERVIZIO DI SUA MAESTA BRITANNICA or MASTER STROKE. De Masi’s ability to provide these types of movies with effective and also listenable scores was second to none. The music here is distinctly jazz flavoured, with a large helping of the big band sound, but also contains just the right amount of dramatic content, with a size-able infusion of lounge/exotica/easy listening orientated thematic material. The score is aided greatly by the inclusion of a number of tracks that feature the excellent IL CANTORI MODERNI, who croon and vocalize their way throughout the score adding their own distinct sound and aura to the work. The soundtrack also includes a handful of cues that are co-composed by Alessandro Alessandroni. De Masi and Alessandroni collaborated on many occasions and always managed to create something special and dynamic ( as in the haunting title track to Arizona Colt).
This is one of the most theme filled scores I have listened to in a while,and on re visiting it realized just how much of a talent De Masi was and how his musical prowess influenced many other composers then and now, every track is interesting, the arrangements and orchestrations are excellent and the soundtrack just plays like a dream. Every Italian film music fan will be in music heaven when they listen to it. The compact disc is packaged lavishly, and contains a colourful booklet that is also crammed with informative and enlightening notes by Francesco de Masi, with additional notes by John Bender. The score I would say is reminiscent of Trovaioli,s work on SEVEN GOLDEN MEN, and is a disc that listeners will want to return to many times after the initial airing. BEAT have chose wisely to release this soundtrack to mark their 40th year celebrations, as it is a fast paced work that really gets under your skin and is an enjoyable and interesting soundtrack. I cannot recommend this compact disc highly enough.

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